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say it tastes like half and half from other dairies. homegrown raw milk straight from the cow.out with the old, in with the new!on the grapevine why beer might just go better with chocolate than wine...with this wine wrap they are totally relaxed before they even start the massage. pampering with wine from head to toe.tonight, bringing this lifestyle into your own home, all now in wine country. hello and welcome, we're in wine country and i'm mary babbitt. one of the great things about wine country is its diversity. where else can
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you be wine tasting one minute and whale watching the next? that's right, whether you're in the santa cruz, mendocino or the carmel valley wine country, you're not far from the launch point of a whale of an adventure in wine country. my name is nancy. i'm the marine biologist and i'll be uh talking on the pa today about what we see.perhaps you're thinking this must be a "whale of a tale"...we'll be taking off here.the idea of whale watching in wine country? for many folks, wine country and whale watching really do go hand in hand.we came out basically to get up into the napa valley, we like wine, well, especially myself. russ matzen and a group of friends visiting from virginia are combining wine tasting and a day trip with "monterey bay whale watch."i want to see some whales! we're going to an area where
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we went yesterday which is about another 5 miles further out. doesn't mean they're gonna be where they were yesterday, but it's always good to look where you went the day before. while eager passengers stand guard with cameras clutched in hand, trip leader nancy black's on the lookout.monterey bay is probably one of the best places in the world to see you know a really diversity of whales and dolphins. we can see whales here year round and there's no other place in the world where you really can do that.oh yeah. two of them. excellent. we have our first sighting! whales spotted off our port there certainly could be others in there, too. we might just barely be getting to the feeding area. so once we get up there we'll slow down.sure enough, many more whales break the surface. schools of playful dolphins descend on our boat, don't get this at disneyland!
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it's really exciting. there's probably over a thousand dolphins with maybe up to 20 humpback whales all around. all the sheer waters are here feeding, too. they're all feeding on anchovies. so this is like a big hot spot we hit right in the middle of the ocean. over the years, nancy has captured video of breeching whales, hunting killer whales and some close encounters of the aquatic kind. in fact the humpback whales can be quite curious. sometimes they'll come right up to our boat. we just stop. if they're coming towards us we just stop the boat. and sometimes they're just as curious about us as we are about them so actually that gets pretty exciting. as if on cue today, a humpback does a move called a "spy hop" to take a peek at the awe-struck sightseers.whoaaa! oh gosh seeing the humpback whales so close to the boat was just like indescribeable.
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it was wonderful. it took us a while to get out there, but when we finally got out there it seemed like everything broke loose and it was real exciting. everyone agrees they really did have -- what else? -- a whale of a good time. coming up, after that adventure at sea, you'll need a little wine country're wrapped in hot steeping wine soaked towels. and later...they get part of the dream, part of the hopes, part of the stoke.the stoke of surfing and making wine, poured into one bottle. and if you're on facebook, join our fan page at see you there. see you there.
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hi. remember me? i'm one of more than 3 million disabled veterans living in the united states. my brothers and sisters gladly gave our all for our country, but we need help to get our lives back to normal again. that's why we depend on the dav, the disabled american veterans, to fight for benefits and rights that we earned. don't forget america's disabled veterans, and remember the dav. when you hear the name fess
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parker you probably think of his roles as television's daniel boone or davy crockett , or perhaps of his santa barbara county winery. but the legendary actor also owns the wine country inn and spa in los olivos where you can head for some vintage r & r. in one pampering treatment at "spa vigne" you can get completely wrapped up in wine. the name of the spa is spa vigne which is a spa of the vinewe try to focus most of our treatments around the wine theme.the wine infusion wrap is deeply relaxing. therapist diane hovey prepares the infusion. crushed grapeseeds are mixed in with rosemary, eucalyptus and calendula.we put the herbs insideofa big tea pouch.the "tea bag" infuses a water bath. your treatment begins when diane adds the key ingredient, red
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wine. it's uh one of fess parker's wines.diane soaks towels in the wine and herb infusion that she lays under and over your body.okay? uh-hum. then she wraps you in heated and mylar blankets.the heat relaxes you. i've heard people describe themselves as being cocooned in their mother's womb if they could imagine what it would be like. that's might be what it's like.chilled grapeseed leaves are placed over the eyes.the contrasting cool and hot is a nice effect and will keep her body temperature from overheating.there's also a full body massage once the wrap is's just a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. that in itself is very healing. healing and pampering, through wine. most people eat chocolate with red wine. but did you ever
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consider that in some cases beer may be a better bet?the man who created "pete's wicked ale" should know. pete slosberg is an expert in microbrews and now he's got a second career making chocolate. you heard it through the grapevine, "cocoa pete's" in town with beer and chocolate pairings 101. we're going to do a chocolate education session.pete slosberg is a man on a mission. he's touring the country, speaking at venues like san francisco's cathedral hill hotel, spreading the word that chocolate goes great with beer, not wine.yeah, everybody says red wine and chocolate. but when you sit down and actually do it, it doesn't work the vast, vast majority of the time. beer is something pete knows a thing or two about. you see, he's "pete" of "pete's wicked ale"
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fame. he used to run one of the most successful microbrews in the country.i find that pairing chocolates with beer is actually much easier. but don't think pete's just trying to sell more beer. he's not. pete got out of the beer biz years ago. now he's running a gourmet chocolate company called "cocoa pete's."the best way to enjoy it is to take a little bite -- not a big one -- but a little bite of the chocolate, let it melt on the tongue and as it liquefies try a sip of the beer. pete leads tastings to introduce folks to his chocolates -- and to debunk the old myth that they're best paired with red wine.that was a surprise! you know, i'd think that wine would definitely pair pretty well with chocolate. i would think that.only about 5% of the pairings work. literally, 95% of the pairings are either horrible or mediocre at best. the reason beer works better,
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pete says, is that chocolate and beer have a lot in common. chocolate and wine do not. chocolate ranges from fundamentally bitter to sweet. beer ranges fundamentally from bitter to sweet. so you have much more, a high probability of getting what i'll call flavors that come together.not that we're taking pete's word for it. lots of folks are here tonight to put his theory to the test.i wasn't too thrilled about it at first. but it was really good. i think it's better than with wine. after an evening of tasting chocolate and beer, pete's won over some today tasting for the first time chocolate and beer, it can match. i think it can match really well. i've always paired it with wine and tonight is the first time i've paired it with beer, and i have to say, it is great. it seems pete's making progress...cheers!
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chocolate lover at a your health, sir. well there's no chocolate involved, just a little pomace in today's pop quiz. in fact our question today, what is pomace?is it:a - the solid residue left after pressing grapesb - a special stone winemakers use to clean their hands orc - a chunk of grape skins sometimes found in old wine barrels?you know the drill, we'll have the answer coming up after the break. also ahead... we're just doing the same things that people have been doing for hundreds of years. making milk the tradional way in wine country. click on to see behind the scenes photos, watch videos, download podcasts and sign up for our email newsletter. all at
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call now! welcome back, we're in wine country and i'm mary babbitt. well did you guess the answer to our pop quiz today, what is pomace?is it:a - the solid residue left after pressing grapesb - a special stone winemakers use to clean their hands orc - a chunk of grape skins sometimes found in old wine barrels?i'll admit it, it sounds like something you'd use to clean and soften your skin. and in fact i have a "pumice" stone at home. but in this case "pomace" is something different. in fact the answer is a. pomace is the residue left after pressing winemaking terms, pomace is the mass of grape skins, stems, seeds and pulp left over after pressing. consider this your rock solid pop quiz.
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you know they make wine in wine country but did you know wine country's also home to several family owned dairies? and just like some wineries are known for their small production artisan wine, we've discovered a dairy that makes an artisan style of milk called "raw milk." that's milk that's neither pasteurized nor homogenized.we recently visited claravale farm in watsonville, to see homegrown milk made fresh at the dairy. it's early on a chilly morning at claravale dairy farm in santa cruz county. the sun's beginning to warm the earth, and the cows are growing restless.moo they've lined up to be milked, just as they do every morning, 'round about the same's what they've been bred to do for hundreds of years. they're very comfortable with it. what they're not comfortable with, however, is our camera.
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dairy cows are creatures of routine, and our camera is definitely not routine.but with gentle prodding from alejandro guzman, the cows amble into place for milking. this is called a claw. this is what we hook up to the udder. it has a vacuum in it - a pulsation on it - so it kind of mimics a calf sucking on the udder.ron garthwaiteis the owner of claravale farm. milking these cows may be the workaday routine for ron, but the milk produced here is anything but ordinary.we do not process the milk at all. so whatever the cows are doing, that's what goes into the bottle. which means the consumer's gonna get a much higher quality bottle of milk. claravale farm is one of only two dairies in california producing "raw milk." ron's milk basically goes straight from the cow to the customer. raw milk is milk that hasn't
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been cooked. other milks have been cooked to preserve them. in other words, claravale farm milk is not pasteurized. nor is it homogenized. nothing is added to it, nothing is taken out.some of our customers are really health conscious so they buy their milk because it's um really nutritious. but the other group that buys it, and probably the bigger group, are people who um are just looking for really high quality fresh local food. but claravale farm's milk might not be for everyone. since it's not pasteurized, each bottle carries government warnings describing the potential risks. which might give pause to some folks.if people are nervous about buying it then they shouldn't buy it. ron's small herd is all "jersey" cows. animals, by the way, not all that concerned with our camera anymore. ron says jersies produce higher quality milk than the holsteins ranched at most large dairies. within
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hours of milking, ron's product is hand bottled and shipped out -- mostly to health foods stores like whole foods and mother's market. this is, of course, the old- fashioned way to run a dairy. but if you ask ron, it's the only way -- he'd say the best way -- to make if you're interested in quality if you're interested in food and you're interested in seeing what real milk from a good quality cow tastes like, it's a totally different thing. stay with us, up next, catching a wave in wine country...people who surf a lot and people who are involved in the wine business, they have no choice but to be in touch with nature.why surfing and making wine are a natural pairing. click on to see behind the scenes photos, watch videos, download
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podcasts and sign up for our email newsletter. all at and if you're on facebook, join our fan page at see you there.
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next week in wine country...a white water adventure where good wine and food are key provisions...goat cheese fresh as a flower...and, creating a tuscan dream home.that's all next time, in wine country. the winemakers we meet are passionate about what they do and the wines they make.and, they often have hobbies that are totally unrelated to wine. in the case of sonoma county's longboard vineyards, winemaker oded shaked is stoked about surfing, collecting and restoring, what else, but longboards. behind the label,
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this vintner's connection to a restored barn, surfboards and wine. i like finding old longboards and restoring them. i like the idea of trying to preserve the heritage of eh well the surfing tribe if you want. i feel i definitely that i belong to that.oded shaked is focused on one of his passions -- restoring a longboard.this board will eventually join oded's collection.the top board is a jacobs and this is actually the exact same board that i had that was my first board in 1972. the bottom board is an interesting one. it's a hobie and if you see right here, at the back of the board there's still the original permit from the city of newport beach from 1969. oded's hobby is also the namesake of his sonoma county winery, longboard vineyards.on
7:24 am
all of my labels i tell people spend more time with surfing with friends and family and less time reading the back copy of wine labels. people have bought the wine just because of the label because "oh my dad was a surfer" or "my partner surfs" and then they tasted the wine and they said "wow, you know we didn't expect it, it's a great wine too."the vineyard here, he calls "dakine".dakine of course being a hawaiian word which could almost mean anything you want but i use it in the sense of the this barn that oded also restored, another surfing- related item. ready to see my little baby? sure. five years of sanding and varnishing.oh look at that woodie.oded is renovating this classic surfer car.this is a real 19-51 ford woodie wagon. it's a labor of love. it's almost done, restored. the outside is done, the engine is done. i've still gotta finish the interior but uh that is uh.
7:25 am
got your name on my name on it. now it's my turn to be stoked, when oded offers me a ride. surf's up. this is so cool.a little joy ride up and down westside drivethat was dakine!that was dakine. yeah, you got may have noticed one thing missing at oded's barn...winemaking equipment. that's because he makes longboard wines down the road at j vineyards and winery in healdsburg.where he pulls double duty as j's head winemaker.i fit in longboard into my holidays, weekends, after work, whenever i can. here he also tends to barrels of longboard.this is the silk road syrah.a hands-on operation, from grape to bottle.most likely i touched that individual bottle. they do get that. they get part of the dream, part of the hopes, part of the stoke, part of the
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passion. it's definitely in, waves and soul in wine country. the curfew you have imposed on me is an egregious infringement upon my social well-being and freedom.
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i know my rights, and you can't tell me what to do. does every conversation with your teen turn into a debate? call the boys town national hotline at 800-448-3000. trained counselors are on call 24-7 to help with parenting problems. that's gonna do it for our show today. thank you for joining us. from longboard vineyards in sonoma county, we hope you enjoyed your stay in wine country and we'll see you again next time. for more information about today's show, log onto our website,
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meet the artist known as the man who paints with wine.where to find pottery handmade in wine country.we visit the napa valley artist who delights in the unexpected.this designer puts a modern twist on pearl jewelry.and where you can go to see this vintner's temple to art and wine.bringing this lifestyle into your own home, all now in wine country.
7:30 am
hello and welcome, we're in wine country and i'm mary babbitt.the arts and wine are a natural pairing. in fact many artists make their homes and work in studios throughout wine country. you'll find a wide range of styles, from classical to moden, and just as many mediums, from paint to clay to our first story, we met a man who not only appreciates wine, he dips his paint brush in it.our gallery puts the focus on the man known as the artist who paints with wine.le chateau du niebaum coppola.philippe dufrenoy paints wine country scenes...thomas keller french laundry.and wine country
7:31 am
celebrities bob and margrit mondavi painted with zinfandel. not with paint but with red first napa valley.the mondavis may have been philippe's first napa subjects but he's been painting winemakers with their own wine for three years.a few years ago philippe painted napa valley winemaker delia viader.he took us back to viader vineyards to show us how he goes about painting portraits in his unique way. he begins with a photo session..taking pictures in black and white.he took a whole lot of pictures and asked me a whole lot of questions about the wine and what i wanted really the philosophy of winemaking.he spent a whole day taking pictures and walking around the vineyard uh just trying to capture a feeling. he was taking mostly the steepness of the layout of the vineyard which is very unique and the reservoir at the bottom that is also kind of very bucolic-
7:32 am
like it's pretty ethereal so to speak so very inspiring that's what he thought.part of the getting to know you process -- going into the caves drawing wine out of the barrel and tasting it together. this is the wine philippe will paint with back home at his studio in the french wine region of bordeaux. philippe's method is painstaking. he bends down close to the paper as he dips his paint brush in wine and applies it.if you look at the eyes it's very incredible that he manages to do that with only one tone one color it's only red wine on white paper. and it's slow-going. each layer of wine must dry and philippe adds more than a half- dozen layers to create shadows or depth of color.depending on the variety of wine he uses, the shade of red wine will vary -- just like in this painting of delia and her
7:33 am
vineyards. that's because philippe used wine from all three of the grapes she grows. they actually impress the paper in a different way some a little darker more towards the purple deep deep purple and the other ones towards more of a sepia color.philippe discovered painting with wine by accident. he was in a bordeaux cafe when he wanted to try out a new brush. he didn't have water but he had a little wine left in his glass. he dipped his brush in dabbled a little on the tablecloth and was surprised by the result.he's the only painter that gets to like the paint and gets to drink it. like red wine philippe's painting change over time.air keeps oxidizing the wine and it keeps kind of fading away turning like the wine would go from young very deep purple to almost ochre in color.a philippe original may last only ten years.but just as art often imitates life, philippe's work reflects the
7:34 am
true nature of the wine painted on his canvases. stay with us, there's more still to come in wine country. up next, crafting wine country art on a potter's wheel.
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if you're looking for art in wine country, head to the napa valley town of calistoga.there in a small working studio you'll find a husband and wife team getting their hands dirty. their homegrown pottery is used in restaurants and homes all over wine country. occasionally a piece of art leaves here disguised as a pot. in a tiny studio tucked into the trees in calistoga, jeff and sally manfredi practice an ancient art, making handcrafte
7:37 am
d pottery.we're very happy to be making things that are useful and strong and good. stop by the studio and you can watch the manfredis turn hunks of clay...i'm letting the clay know its about time to do something.into beautiful stoneware.jeff throws the pots...his skillful hands molding clay into vases and bowls that blend form and function.i keep my thumb here it helps to compress and give a nice detail to the lip.this is where everything gets fired the first time.the pieces are kiln-dried...and then sally takes over, gazing and decorating the pots.what i'm doing is carving...basically scratching off the glaze and the waxhere she's inlaying a barnyard design into a mixing bowl.hopefully people will be using these things for a long time and making up their own stories looking at these
7:38 am
animals.then you open it up. it's a team effort...from the first throw to the final doing the part he doesn't really love, that i love, and he's doing the part that i don't really don't really love that he loves. that's what it's about.the manfredis have also found a way to capture the vineyards of wine country in stoneware. jeff makes glazes from the ash left behind after local vines have been pruned and burned. they really reflect what's in the soil in each particular vineyard.though their pottery is beautiful the manfredis say they aren't interested in making art. their stoneware is designed to be used every day and it is, in kitchens all over wine country.these bowls, most of these down here, are all going to the local market. jeff and sally have been collaborating on calistoga pottery for more than 20 years. part of the enjoyment is the
7:39 am
feedback. people will call or come back ten years down the road and say, you know i just can't tell you how much fun we've had and enjoyment out of using your dinnerware everyday. in fact they say their handcrafted stoneware is more popular now than ever...becau se it represents a simplicity and connection with the earth not found on the mass market. don't go away, when we come back, unusual pearl jewelry handmade in wine country.
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welcome back, we're in wine country and i'm mary babbitt. art comes in many forms in wine country. for one artist, that means necklaces, bracelets and earrings.we've discovered homegrown jewelry that's definitely not your grandmother's pearls.
7:42 am
turquoise is turning heads all over wine country.big and chunky's in right now.the earthy stone is back and bigger than's another country jewelry designer soni bergman puts her own twist on the turquoise trend creating necklaces and earrings that won't leave you looking like a rhinestone cowboy. she works with unusually shaped stones and instead of bright blue turquoise, soni gravitates toward green.this is turquoise also. i'll let you hang on to that one. and it's all knotted and the reason i loved it is cuz it looks like it came right out of the soil.her down to earth designs define wine country style and are popular at the boutique on the vine in st. helena in napa valley.this is one of my favorite pieces, and this gives you a good example of the wonderful choice of stones and how she
7:43 am
puts them together and creates a wonderful design.soni creates her one of a kind designs from a backyard studio in the middle of her garden. it's much better than a cubicle. um it's um you know, i can hear the sounds, i can see my cats. a few years ago soni left a high tech job in silicon valley.i did um technical illustrations um for a networking chase a dream. today instead of creating images with a computer mouse, she's stringing pearls and other semi-precious gems by hand. soni says she's always loved jewelry so she started making it herself, first as a hobby then friends started asking to buy her designs.they would buy things off my neck at soni stuck her neck out and began making jewelry full-time. in this windowed jewelry box built by her husband david...the roof opens up. the roof is hinged across the back and it opens like the lid on a box.soni creates
7:44 am
jewelry that is distinctive and yet approachable.i kind of go for something that's dramatic uh but can also be feminine at the same time right too.her pieces are meant to work with a nice dress, or jeans and a tee-shirt.some of soni's favorite necklaces are made of pearls. but she's quick to point out, they're not your grandmother's pearls. a lot of people say to me when they come by sometimes, i have pearls but they're my grandmother's or they're my mother's, or my mother bought them for me. and i just kind of want to show people that you can wear pearls and they don't have to be the round traditional white...... and a little twist.she's decided to string the white pearls on a lovely black thread, so you have a black and white story. soni looks for irregularly shaped pearls with brilliant colors. often she'll add a pendant to the strand, like this moonstone.because you can dress them up or down, soni's designs are a good fit for
7:45 am
wine's very earthy in its feel, uh it's very natural. we were taken with the stones that she chose, the way she put them together, and her jewelry enables us to offer our customer something unique, a bit trendy but not too trendy.for soni the satisfaction comes from handcrafting wearable works of art the fun aspects are what materials you can put together and and how they relate to, you know, the the each individual person. prices for soni's earrings, necklaces and bracelets start at around sixty dollarsdesigns putting a twist on jewelry in wine country. clos pegase in napa valley is more than just a winery. in the words of its owner jan shrem, it is a temple to art and wine.jan gives us a look
7:46 am
behind the label at his passion and the greek mythology that inspires it. how do you make a small fortune in the wine business? you start with a large fortune. walk around the monumental clos pegase winery and you can see its founder, jan shrem, started with a very large fortune indeed.this former publisher turned vintner owns one of the most impressive wineries in the napa is 450 acres of vines...and 20 thousand square feet of underground's a very happy medium for entertainment. clos pegase is a showcase for shrem's estate wines...and his vast collection of modern art and wine-related antiquities. here you'll find more than 300 pieces from shrem's personal collection...from the dutch abstract expressionist the english sculptor henry moore.his sculpture of mother earth is
7:47 am
there to remind us that's where it all begins, she is the one who gives life to the grapes.the winery itself is the fruit of a design competition sponsored by shrem and the san francisco museum of modern art. internation ally renowned architect michael graves was selected over 96 others to build shrem's dream, a temple to wine and art.he is the only one who incorporated symbolic elements into the design. for example he opened this up to the sky, he told me, to welcome the waters released by the pegasus...which in greek mythology gave birth to wine and art.the myth of the pegasus inspired the name clos pegase, and greek mythology seems to come alive here.shrem may be the winery's founder, but he'd tell you bacchus, the greek god of wine, is really in charge.bacchus was on of the most important gods in antiquity. he was a rascal...yet they built gigantic marble temples to
7:48 am
him. he was a big time greek god.shrem embraces the rascal spirit of bacchus. amid all the serious artwork at clos pegase, you'll find pieces full of whimsy and humor.oh, you're playing russian roulette, but my wife says i am so hard-headed, that my head would break it.a perennial favorite? the giant thumb by the french artist cesar interpretation is that it is a giant bacchus sleeping under the winery sticking up his thumb. thumbs up! it's one of the most photographed objects in the napa valley.this is the thumbs up shot, take one. ok? we got hawaii, florida. ok? one...two...that gets a thumbs up.shrem is as eager to share his artwork as he is his wine. each year he selects two paintings from his collection for the clos pegase ultra
7:49 am
premium hommage wine labels. hommage means homage to the memory of an artist in our collection with the best wine we can offer to his memory. when the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms objected to the label featuring a nude by french artist jean dubuffet...they made us castrate the poor guy.shrem took the bureau to court...and after a 10 year battle, he won. i'm glad to tell you that with the 98 vintage i finally have approval for the full monty, ha ha.shrem's vision for clos pegase is a place where you can contemplate a cabernet or drink in contemporary art. it's a labor of love, of course.a monument worthy of the greek gods, but friendly enough for just folk. there's more arts in wine country just ahead, one napa valley winery's tie to the this like thomas
7:50 am
edison and bondage kind of thing.
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many wineries have art collections that you can view during a visit.but one winery in napa valley goes the extra mile...they have an "artist in residence".come along on our gallery tour and discover the works of artist gordon huether. wow man i'm lucky.. lucky, everyday is lucky.gordon huether doesn't sound like your typical tortured artist.. looking good.. looking good. maybe its because he's from napa..people expect you to be from new york or la, or something like that. i'm from napa and you just have to deal with an artist, gordon delights in the unexpected.
7:53 am
the way glass can distort images...look towards the bottom of sculpture, right? when you're walking. um, they start disappearing. oh they do!the way light reflects see with this one here? if i were to remove the light, there is no color. right? there's no color. gordon is wired with this is like thomas edison and bondage kind of thing, gordon's world... 22 foot fuel tanks from military planes,,, morph into giant sculptures.really, it's kind of like a sword into plowshares too. because this fuel tank was originally made for military use. so you're taking um, something of that use and you're redefining it's use, redefining its usefulness and making it into an object of beauty.ya that's very cool. his studio is a 13 thousand foot converted tannery in napa. godron needs a big space...because so many of his pieces are large scale.this two thousand pound metal and
7:54 am
glass piece is being made for a home in the oakland hills. the house fortunately is built with some steel beams. and we'll be tearing into the wall and welding.much of gordon's work involves art in architecture...creating large scale pieces that are incorporated into the framework of new or existing buildings.we did the hiroshigui museum of art, in japan, we have work at the getty in los angeles, we have uh work, we just installed a very large installation for the bart station in san bruno. in 1997, gordon became the permanent artist in residence at artesa winery in carneros. there's a certain simpatico between the aesthetic that i carry, that is already here existing at the archi...with the architecture.all of the art on display at artesa from dramatic sculptures mixed media wall hangings...w as created by gordon.i would love to be able to see my art thru other people's eyes, but it's just not any
7:55 am
given time, gordon has a half dozen projects in the pipeline. he works with a creative team of designers and engineers who help him turn his rough sketches and way out ideas, into works of's difficult to separate gordon from gordon's creativity. it's pretty much a, a jet pack that he wears all the time and it fires him through life it seems like, you know.when we visited the studio, gordon and his crew were preparing for a showing at a napa art gallery. it includes a very personal series incorporating salvaged metal from napa and old photographs of department store windows designed 40 years ago by gordon's father. taking this image of a department store window that has long been forgotten, and so marrying that with this material kind of brings that whole story full circle.after weeks of work...the window pieces and the fuel tanks are finally ready for public review...a moment of truth for gordonit takes so much effort, and so much work to get that
7:56 am
ten minutes of love, but, you know, it somehow it's all worth it.
7:57 am
maybe it's the wine maybe it's the wine country but the artists here are inspired.we hope you enjoyed our show today, all about the arts in wine country and we'll see you again next time.
7:58 am
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this is "first look." >> look at that yummy goodness. >> each week i'll be your guide to all the best places to eat. >> that cinnamon is phenomenal. >> play. and indulge around the country. tonight we're bringing you the fabulous, delicious, and always entertaining miami. so let the fun begin now on "first look."
10:30 am
miami is all about the good life from the food to the clubs. it really is the city for the people. and who could forget this beautiful beach. so tonight i'm taking in all the sights, sounds, and tastes of this beautiful city. miami is built up from man made districts and islands that has the theme of the art deco landscape. and whether a visitor or a local, this city allows anyone to feel like they're forever on vacation. so really there's no better way to see it first hand than to take a ride. >> boat rides is really sort of a culture dealer for this. we're trying to get people off the beach and get them into areas that are a little bit more
10:31 am
diverse, edgy. we're really looking to change the image of miami a little bit. >> nice to meet you. i'm really excited today. what are we going? >> we're going to have so much fun. we're going to the winnwood arts district and see some graffiti and we'll stop to get some grilled cheese. >> sounds good. >> let's go. ♪ >> welcome to winnwood, miami's outdoor art museum. over the past few years, this district has transformed in a canvas for artists worldwide. >> this is nunca, he's a worldwide artist. that's all in stencil. it's haunting. starting here this is an all female crew called few and far. this is the wall of fame. they've all got their portraits on here. >> this is the girly wall.
10:32 am
this is my kind of graffiti. >> though many of the walls make for amazing passing views, there are some pieces that need to be paid a little more respect. >> okay. this is unbelievable. when i think of street art i think of tagging and this is a work of art. >> it is one of the most provocative pieces in winnwood. a lot of times people will bus over saying white it out and repaint it. but this is one of the pieces that no one will touch. the artist originally from england came in and did this in 2008 and it's become iconic. >> don't touch the artwork! >> the wonderful thing about this is allowing people to interact in a museum type way in the open air. all this beauty filled my soul. but my stomach, not so much. >> are you ready to eat? >> i'm ready. >> let's go! >> martha tells me it's not just
10:33 am
the art that lines the streets. the food trucks are thriving. and there's one that is ahead of the back mz cheezious. >> we take apple butter cinnamon and sugar and grain on multigrain bread. >> i'm in. >> what you got for me? >> i think you might like this. >> sharing is caring. >> sharing is caring. >> all right. we start with the goat cheese. >> this is so good. >> i want to marry this sandwich. >> i feel ms. cheezious with this. this smells like dessert. smells like grandma's apple pie. one of my favorite combinations is cheese and apples. i love it. with the cinnamon, that is phenomenal. >> wow.
10:34 am
>> wonderful bad about this at all. >> now that we're fueled up, it's time to get into some trouble. ♪ >> hey. >> this a local artist who decided five years ago that winnwood needed some color. they revamped the tired walls into some of the largest evolving street murals in the world. >> today we have artist abstract working on a mural right now. jump in and help him out. >> might have to start over if i got on that mural. >> luckily with spray paint, you can go over it. >> here goes nothing. >> can we do that? okay. this is the most important mural of my life.
10:35 am
now, nobody come and paint over this or i will find you. i've got to say with this, i think "first look" got a little street cred. i had so much fun. i think i did okay. >> i think you did a great job. now all you need is a street name. >> well, i think since you're typo, you're old school, i'll be autocorrect. >> perfect. >> when you go through winnwood, you get a glimpse of miami's past, present, and future. my fun has just started. coming up -- >> oh, my gosh. is he coming after us? my gosh he's coming.
10:36 am
10:37 am
there's a lot more to miami than just beaches.
10:38 am
so i'm ready for an adventure. all i need is an airboat. the everglades is a fresh water river of grass that flows roughly one mile per day traveling to the gulf of mexico florida bay. in its entirety, the glades are over a hundred miles in length. >> ali, nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. what we do here at coopertown airboat rides is show you the glades. we'll see a bit of wildlife. >> you say wildlife like it's nothing. >> some alligators, different birds. >> you'll protect me, right? >> yes, ma'am. no problem. we will do that. >> all right. let's go. >> the airboat's a special boat designed to run on almost no water whatsoever. a half inch of water is all we need to travel. >> my goodness. my hair is out of control.
10:39 am
>> that's what we call an everglades hairdo. we give it at no extra charge. this bird here is considered to be a rare bird in the everglades. >> hey, little friend. come here. >> these birds have no love for me. but the boat, i'd like to find out. >> do you think i could try it? all right. let's do it. >> i didn't expect it to be so serene out here. it really is nature at its best. but where the heck are these gators? >> your first gator. see? >> oh, my gosh. i'm scared. is he going to come after us? >> no. he might come over and check us out out of curiosity. >> oh, my gosh. he's coming. look. what was that noise you were making? >> kind of like a baby alligator. they'll usually check them out out of curiosity.
10:40 am
they eat frogs, turtles, birds, snakes. any time you get the holding thing the first thing he does is roll. if it's too big, he can drown it. >> i never want to be part of those rolls. >> no. not a death roll. >> when you first see these animals, it totally takes you by surprise. i don't know whether to be terrified or excited. probably both. ♪ >> this opened my eyes to a world i knew nothing about. it's no surprise it's one of florida's most popular destinations. >> made it. >> one more safe trip. all fingers. >> i hung out by the boat for one more surprise before lunch. >> oh, my gosh. >> now we're going to let you see what the alligator feels
10:41 am
like. they have a membrane that goes across the eye when they go underwater. got a pair of goggles on so they can see while under water. >> this feels cool. >> it's like a gucci purse with a heart beat. >> we won't do that to you. don't listen to him. cover your ears. >> keep those ears covered. when you're dining in the everglades, gator tail is the main course with a starter of frog legs. >> all righty. i hear we're cooking some legs back here. these are the frog legs. obviously. what's in there? >> that's eggs, garlic, and a secret ingredient. >> can't give that away. >> no. >> then we lay them in the bread crumbs and shake it up. and repeat for the gator tail then off to the basket for some
10:42 am
frying. >> there we go. so much going on here. bread on the grill. gator and frogs. you are a man of multitask. >> yes, ma'am. going to finish up your plate and i'll have somebody bring it to you. >> all right. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> for the first time in my life i'm more intimidated by the frog than the alligator. so i think i'm going to start with the alligator first. it's a mixture between a fried clam and chicken. if they had a baby, it would be an alligator. looks like popcorn chicken so it's not scary here. but this straight up looks like little frog legs. or human legs doing the jig. i don't really know what this is. good. little bone. sorry.
10:43 am
everglades, you showed me a side of miami that's as beautiful as any beach. but also reminded me why it's good to be at the top of the food chain. >> later gator. coming up -- >> one of the most romantic restaurants. >> this makes me a happy camper.
10:44 am
10:45 am
the best seafood has to be fresh out of the water. but here in south beach, the freshest fish is found in the sky. and at juvia, seafood is served nine stories up. >> when people come up here, they're blown away. look at this view. in miami it's unexpected.
10:46 am
>> i can't think of a better place to show off what we have in south beach. >> my opinion, it's the nicest venue in south florida. >> it is amazing. >> but juvia is so much more than the views. it's a culinary point of view. >> everything has to speak the same language. it has to speak juvia for us. >> and that begins with collaborative cooking in juvia's kitchen. >> it goes from asian to peruvian. i think bringing a different option of what seafood means. just getting the freshest product out there we can find with a great cooked dish. >> which is helmed by laro laron contino and who i'm cooking with today. chef sunny o. >> i hear you have the best in town. what are you cooking?
10:47 am
>> we're doing a causa. yellow potato that coming from pe peru. it's turned into a mashed potato. peppers. there's garlic, onion. it turns into this. >> so can i just drink that? that's all my favorite things. >> very spicy. >> then we introduce tuna that's been cooked and cooked again. >> this is what we call a tuna chicuon. the tuna that was cooked will add inside. then from here we will drop it into the flour. and then the egg wash. and then it goes in the bread crumbs. >> with a quick fry, it's time to plate. and what lunch would be complete without some finely sliced -- with japanese green chili infused cream. >> i can do it. >> all right.
10:48 am
there you go. >> oh, my gosh. i did it. >> finished off with a bit of soy sauce and cilantro, the only thing left to do is eat. >> when we were making this dish, there was so much time and effort that went into it. i cannot wait to taste the flavors. it's unbelievable. i love the kick. this looks good. wow. that is fresh. i have to say this makes me a happy camper. >> i've tried almost everything on the menu. it's amazing. >> probably the most romantic restaurant in miami right now. >> honestly one of my favorite places. >> we were set up to make an experience. a restaurant has an experience all by itself. >> that's why the juvia experience is soaring to new heights. now, the only downside to miami is you can't be everywhere at once. while the food is amazing here, uptown there's a bar that's shaking things up.
10:49 am
♪ >> the people and cocktails here are as out to prove it's a town of many different. >> my name is gabriel. >> my name is elad. >> we're here at the broken shaker. >> having established a career in miami, they decided to have a spot tucked away beyond the doors of miami's historic guest house. the indian creek hotel. >> you almost feel like you're in a havana with key west. there's a lot of love into every piece. >> step in here and it's like stepping into an oldtime hotel. >> it really represents that
10:50 am
underground artistic vibe that miami still really has. >> it shows miami in the outdoor palm trees. no dress code. everything has to do with the art of making cocktails. we take our drinks very seriously. >> and there's definitely no mistaking that. these gentlemen take cocktails to the next level. combining classic technique. there's no ingredient that will stop this expert duo from filling your glass. >> black current collins. >> amazing cocktails. >> and if you don't know what to order, just ask the shake makers themselves. >> one signature drink here is the blossom. >> a rum drink shaken up with egg white protector. >> my favorite is the cocoa puffs. >> that's right. a cocktail made from kids
10:51 am
cereal. it's one to keep your night going. it's that good. >> it's just the kind of place that you want to be in the neighborhood. >> hang out. have a good time. you're among friends. >> you just want people to relax, enjoy a different side of miami. >> well, it looks like broken shaker is one of the best things to hit south beach and definitely a hidden gem for tourists and locals alike. >> cheers. coming up -- >> thank you very much.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
i played in the swamp and dined along the skyline. nothing is finished without a party. and if you're going to do it, do it right. a corner stone of the scene delano is more than just a place to rest your head. it is the place for a little r & r and everything in between. after a day of lounging and dining, no better night cap than their underground lounge. fdr. >> fdr is now new subterranean cocktail club. we have local djs or internationally acclaimed artist. we stay open until 4:00 or 5:00.
10:55 am
ultimate night life experience here at fdr. >> sophistication with glitz and glamour. and i cannot wait to get my groove on. >> you ready? ♪ >> energy here hits you the second you walk in. i'm definitely going to need a drink to keep up with this crowd. >> i'll have an fdr. made with appleton rum and brown sugar. the 32nd president does not disappoint. this night is on its way to being pretty epic. ♪ >> i'll take that. thank you very much. and this crowd has a good reason to be excited.
10:56 am
djnervo twins are serving up the beat. >> it's america. it's beautiful weather. everybody's out there drinking, dancing. fdr is the spot to be. >> at this rate, i don't think there's anything that could keep this party from going. this is miami night life at its best. >> there really is no better way to spend 48 hours in the beautiful city of miami. but i guess you'll just have to see for yourself. see you next week. [ thunder rumbling ]
10:57 am
10:58 am
[ wind blowing ] [ gunfire ] [ birds chirping ] [ helicopter blades whirring ] [ gunfire ] [ explosion ] [ gunfire, whirring fades ] [ wind blowing ] [ clock ticking ] [ veteran ] i've never been the type to ask for help, but i had enough. [ breathing heavily ] [ distorted noise, battle sounds ] [ dial tone ]
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[ telephone dials ] [ operator ] thank you for calling the veterans crisis line, how can i help you? [ veteran ] life still has its challenges, but my family and i can deal with them better now. [ male announcer] veterans crisis line. it's your call. ♪ hi, i'm sara gore oh, and this is "open house". an open waterfront home in connecticut and a gorgeous chicago home. plus, interior design in the mediterranean l.a. home. and on the hunt for a new york city apartment for around $1.6 million. but first, we go behind the doors of an impressive showhouse in napa. >> the room has a refined look, just like in napa valley, itself.

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